Pregnancy and the thought of having a baby are probably the best news for parents, however, it can also be a very challenging and painful experience for a mother-to-be. Proper nutrition, good physical and prenatal massage are vital for a successful pregnancy and delivery of the baby. For this reason, pregnancy massage has been developed to aid pregnant women during their time of gestation in releasing stress as well as promoting a good physical and mental health.

Massage therapy during pregnancy


Aromatherapy is a massage that uses essential oils to stimulate your bodyspa and promote relaxation through your favorite scents. Typically, the therapist will suggest some scented oils, and if you like the scent, then it will be rubbed to your body. However, if you choose not to put some oils on your body, the therapist will just light some aromatic candles. The scent provides the mood for you to relax, energize and to reduce stress. This is also known as an emotional balance. It is usually requested by pregnant women who are emotionally stressed.

Back Massage

Back massage concentrates on your back and only requires 30 – 40 minutes of your time. Should this If this is not listed at your massage clinic then just ask your therapist to set the session solely on your back.


Swedish massage is the recommended type of massage if it is your first time to experience massage while pregnant. The Swedish massage is very gentle and relaxing. The therapist uses kneading, smooth strokes, and circular movements on muscle layers using oil or massage lotion.

Hot Stone

This is a style of therapy in which water-treated stones are heated to be placed at specific sites on your body to promote deep dimensions of relaxation. The heated, smooth stones will warm and loosen your tight muscles to help open up meridians (energy pathways).

Essential oils often accompany this therapy. At some point of your session, your therapist may apply gentle pressure on the stones giving your body more warmth that may feel quite comforting.

Pregnancy MassagPregnancy Massagee

Pregnancy massage aims at relieving any ailments during pregnancy up to the date of delivery. Most women during their pregnancy suffer from anxiety, depression and many other mental and emotional problems. This type of therapy works best on relaxing the mind, setting up a good mood and reducing any chance of such emotional conditions. Although this therapeutic massage for pregnant women is beneficial, it should be done with special care and caution and should only be performed by a licensed and skilled massage therapist.