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There is so much innovative kitchen equipment available in the market. One that is making quite a buzz is the Instant pot. People might wonder why this certain equipment is gaining popularity to its users. The reason is because of its many functions. There are many food and meals you can cook with it, and it’s just one piece of equipment. And to those who are health-conscious, Instant pot would be a great addition to your kitchen. It will help you make healthy food with these recipes.

Here are also some ideas on what kind of healthy food to prepare with your Instant Pot:



Yes, you can make yogurt from scratch with your Instant Pot. It can be time-consuming, but it is simple to make.

Whole Grain Rice

Instant Pot is also a rice cooker, and whole grain rice such as brown, red, and black rice is even longer to cook than white rice. However, using an Instant Pot as a rice cooker will shorten the cooking time.

Hearty Healthy Soups

You can cook all the soups you want on an Instant Pot. There are so many recipes available online. A lot of cooking websites and blogs have been devoted to it, coming up with recipes that you can try with your Instant Pot. You can search online, and you won’t come short of a list of recipes you can try all year long.


Hard-Boiled eggs when cooking in an Instant Pot, comes out perfect and with so little effort needed from you. You can now have your daily dose of protein.

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Roasted Chicken

Yes, your Instant Pot can also roast a whole chicken. One of the healthiest cooking methods is roasting since there’s little if no use at all of oil. And it only takes half an hour to roast a chicken using an Instant Pot. Try laying the chicken on a bed of lemon slices and sprinkle a generous amount of herbs and salt.

Steamed Vegetables

You can steam your vegetables using an Instant Pot and add this to your meal prep. And because of the cooking settings Instant Pot has, it allows you to infuse more flavors on your veggies. So say goodbye to those bland vegetables that you hate to eat.

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a healthy carb and using an Instant Pot; you can bake a batch of sweet potato in just 12 to 15 minutes. You can now add sweet potatoes to your diet every day without so much of hassle cooking it.

Steel Cut Oats

We are usually in a rush to go to work in the mornings that we forget to have a healthy breakfast, so the usual go-to breakfast is a bowl of cereal. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Using an Instant Pot for cooking steel- cut oats -which is better for you since it’s minimally processed-, will only take about 5 minutes, but when you cook it regularly, it takes about half an hour.

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There are so many healthy recipes you can cook using an Instant Pot, and adding the convenience of using it; there’s really no excuse for you not to make healthier choices when it comes to food.

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