5 Ways On How To Cure A Tummy Ache Fast

5 Ways on how to Cure a Tummy Ache Fast (1)

Tummy aches can be extremely disturbing especially if you have some work that you want to finish or require a lot of your attention. There are several triggers that can lead to tummy ache and might vary depending on individuals. In any attempt to get rid of your tummy ache, it is important to understand the causes and effects of the problem. Some of the major causes of tummy ache include ulcers, depression, food allergies or excess alcohol intake. Below are some of the most effective ways on how to cure a tummy ache fast.

Lemon water

Tummy aches can result from the inability of your digestive system to digest and absorb food into the bloodstream. The tummy ache results from lack of enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Lemon juice enhances the production of this acid to the right amount. This facilitates the breakdown of food and control overgrowth of harmful bacteria, thus stopping the tummy ache. To get the best results, mix one teaspoonful of lemon juice and honey in one glass of warm water and drink it.


Taking ginger is an effective way to cure tummy ache that results from gas or indigestion. It enhances peristalsis, relaxation and contraction of the alimentary canal. This speeds up movement of indigested and digested foods. Ginger also helps control feeling of nausea that accompanies tummy ache. You need to boil two cups of water and chop fine pieces of ginger into the water. Add honey and drink the mixture.

Baking soda

Baking soda is an effective antacid that helps eradicate toxic substances and cleanse your body. It helps in restoring pH and neutralizes acid in your stomach to get rid of the ache fast. Baking soda also helps in breaking down fatty substances to enhance their digestion without putting a lot of pressure or causing pain along your digestive track. Put a teaspoonful of the baking soda to one glass of clean water and drink it.

Warm salt water

You can eliminate tummy ache fast by warming one glass of clean water and add one teaspoonful of salt. Drink the solution as fast as possible. The solution assists in cutting your fecal matter associated with detox, leading to elimination of the pain and weight loss too.

Peppermint5 Ways on how to Cure a Tummy Ache Fast (1)

Peppermint has soothing effect on your stomach muscles and helps the digestive track to relax and contract smoothly leading to instant reduction of the tummy ache. It also improves flow of bile leading to enhanced breakdown of fat into small particles. This prevents stomach ache and formation of gas.