massage gun

We have all ever been victims of stiffness, those annoying pains that we have the day after training after not doing it for a long time. To avoid stiffness, you can try out various methods to stay free from it.

Changing your diet, changing your posture during specific routines, and using muscle massage guns are some options. The massage gun is a special device with features that can help massage your muscles. You don’t have to bother about stretching to reach certain parts of your body.

Do visit this page for the best massage guns for your fitness. The operation of massage guns is based on percussion therapy for the treatment of deep muscles. At first glance, it seems that this drill “just” hits the muscles quickly, but there is more.

Percussion Therapy

Through that fast and continuous vertical tapping on your muscles, percussion therapy is intended to bring out a neuromuscular response to reduce pain, increasing range of motion, and accelerating blood flow. The three keys to the working of a massage gun are:

  • Magnitude of head movement: the depth level to which the “blows” achieve. This could be about 16 millimeters.
  • Hit Rate – The number of hits in a minute achieved by the gun. For example, the more advanced massage gun models achieve 2400 percussions per minute.
  • Force or torque: the amount of pressure that can be reached. This is like more than 20kg force in a more powerful mode.

All the best massage guns can be customized, meaning that they can reach 2000 percussions does not mean that they always have to be used at full power. Depending on the area and the person, we can adjust the intensity of the massage.

Health Benefits of Massage Guns

Like the classic rollers or foam rollers, they help us with myofascial massage (although sometimes we hate them). The pistols or massage guns have a wide range of benefits, both in terms of preparing the muscles for an intense workout session, as a muscle recovery and pain relief element. They include

  • Increases lymphatic drainage to mobilize the waste substances produced by the body.
  • Percussion massage minimizes muscle pain.
  • Enhances motion range and mobility
  • Eliminate trigger points
  • Boosts blood flow to activate circulation.
  • Helps to get rid of and lower lactic acid
  • Promotes muscle recovery.

You should look into the different features of the massage gun you plan to buy. Choose one with a more comfortable head that will give you a smooth time while massaging your muscles. How about you buy one to stay healthy.

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