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Hot summer nights are something to dread. They just come about when the room was getting comfortable after freezing nights. The sun during the day in summer is fantastic. The heat in the nights though can be too severe especially when there is no AC. Surviving hot summer nights is not for the faint hearted unless you have several tricks under the hood for tackling the sweating bead sheets and the nuisance of insects that might just make it their hobby to disturb you.

Practical tips to sleep through hot summer nights

Point your fan outside

A neat trick is to point the fan outwards so that it takes the warm air from the room. The outwards facing fan will also reduce the warm air circulating in your room leaving it colder than it was before you applied the trick. If possible, keep a portion of the window open. You do not want all the hot air from outside to rush

Use a water pool

Place water in a bucket or basin and then place it adjacent to your fan. Consider this trick as an alternative one for cases when you do not want to point the fan outside. If you have two fans, you could combine the two tricks. The cold water on the basin will keep the air above it lower than room temperature, and the fan will blow this cool air towards the rest of the room according to the direction you point the fan. You may also keep a rotating fan as long it does not interfere with the positioning of the cold water basin.

Use iced water for an immediate cooling effect

Iced water can offer a quick remedy for heat effects when you are sleeping. The ice from your fridge will make water instantly cool. Your job is to take this ice, put it in a bottle of water, tighten the lid and place the bottle under your pillow. The pillow will cool and transfer the effect to your skin leaving you in a comfortable sleep position for a while. The unfortunate thing with this tip is that it only works as long as the water in the bottle stays cool. Keeping the bottle between the pillow and the bed will get it warm after a while, and you will have to cut short your sleep to fetch another ice cube. On the other hand, too much ice may make the pillow so cold that it is unbearable for sleeping.

Get moisture wicking bedding

bed sheetMost of the bedding in homes is for all weather uses, and that is where the problem lies. Cotton sheets are comfortable and will do just well in summer. You should also consider the blankets and other coverings for your bed and sleeping area. They should have moisture wicking properties that are quite high so that they can take away the sweat as it drips from your body and allow you to enjoy your sleep. A good material to consider is a cooling mattress pad which according to Zach Davis can help you sleep cold during through summer nights. It can be an excellent change from the heavy cotton sheets, and it can still sustain the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Summer nights need not disturb you anymore. The AC can be on or off, and you will still enjoy your sleep when you keep on following these tips. Many people who stay in hot areas swear by these trips, and if you are not using them already then, you are missing out.