stress at work

Your life quality depends strongly on your health. If you think that overworking means productivity and prosperity, then you have to change your mind. Spending too much time on work requires you to sit behind your working desk for hours. If regular working time is around 8 to 9 hours, then overtime will add 2 to 3 more hours. And in the long term, the impact on your life can be disastrous.

Besides, creativity is strongly related to relaxed and healthy mind. According to Lorenza Colzato, a cognitive psychologist professor at Leiden University in The Netherlands, you need to work out at least four times a week to be creative.

Here, we will discuss three ways to compensate for the harmful impacts of workaholism.

Take a Walk Routinely

a person wearing walking shoesWalking in the park is healthy for your heart. It is not as intense as jogging or running, yet it has benefits equal to the latter two. If your working habit has caused you to gain weight, you should not start improving your health by doing intense workouts because it can be dangerous. Take a regular walk instead!

Moreover, the good thing about walking is that you can turn this activity into your daily habit. For example, instead of driving your way to work, you can choose to ride the subway or take the bus. You can walk to the stations, and it will be your healthy version of, “killing two birds with one stone.” You can get to work and get healthy all at once.

Managing Your Weight

a person on a weighing scaleOverweight and obesity are two health conditions that you must be aware of. The increasing size of your waistline is not only a matter of appearance but also life quality. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), people with a waist circumference more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men are at risk of diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

You should manage your weight by monitoring your Body Mass Index (BMI). There are many online BMI calculators online, such as and And you can also use your smartphones for that purpose. Many health apps have features that allow you to calculate your BMI.

Learning and Practicing Bodyweight Workouts

If you are a workaholic, the chances are that you spend most of your time in your office. And by the time you finish your works, the time is already too late for a gym session. In that case, you can try to learn and practice bodyweight workouts. This exercise requires the least equipment and is very flexible to do anywhere and anytime. Watch this video to find more!

As you can see, even though you do not use gym machines and equipment, the workouts can get very intense. If you do the sets routinely and increase the difficulty gradually, you can even get yourself a shredded look without having to sign up for a gym membership.

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