Well, use of marijuana is not as bad as it was thought to be. It is actually beneficial to your health only if you use it in the right way. However, the benefits and risks associated with the use of weed depend on how one uses it. If you smoke it, you have every reason to be worried considering that the products of combustion expose you to some health risks. In this regard, most medical experts highly discourage smoking marijuana.

Smoking marijuanasmoke

The benefits of using marijuana are anchored on how it is used. Some people smoke it, others use it in beverages and foods, while others use vape pens. Of all options, smoking is harmful to your lungs. Smoke from marijuana has been proved to contain high concentrations of toxins and carcinogens. Beyond the smoke, marijuana is smoked differently that how cigarette smoking is done.

Usually, marijuana smokers tend to hold their breath longer than cigarettes smokers do. This leads to greater exposure time to the harmful products of combustion. Passive smokers are also at risk of the carcinogens found in the smoke. Well, as much as is no significant findings on the same, medical experts have every reason to link second-hand smoke to some ailments in passive smokers. This is particularly worrying when it comes to vulnerable children at home.

Effects of smoking marijuana

Damage to lungs

Smoking marijuana is not good for your lungs. High-temperature smoke and toxins are associated with serious ailments like bronchitis. Moreover, the damage caused to cellular linings of the breathing systems is enough evidence why smokers have symptoms like chronic coughs, wheeze, phlegm and even acute bronchitis.

Affects the immune system

Smoking marijuana is not only bad for the lungs, but it also is not good for the immune system as well. As such, most smokers have weak immune systems. Moreover, the effects on the immune system can be profound on individuals using immunosuppressive medications or diseases like HIV. Considering that smoke from marijuana hurts the first line of defense in the lungs that helps in removing foreign materials, smokers are at high risk of contracting respiratory infections.

man vaping

The dangers of smoking outweigh the benefits associated with consuming this herb. As such, physicians recommend the use of vape pens as a safe and healthy alternative. In case you are not sure of where to start, you can look at the options provided at to see which weed vaporizer suits you most.