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Event Planning

Maximizing QR Codes for Tradeshow Sponsors & Exhibitors

Daria Knupp Avatar Daria Knupp May 26, 2022
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As business returns to pre-pandemic levels, the events industry is heating back up. Whether you're a sponsor or an exhibitor- the QR code is a versatile tool you can use to reengage existing and attract new customers. 

You'll want to create dynamic QR codes as they do not contain information in the code itself and instead directs a user to a URL that can be regularly updated. 

In this same vein, it's crucial to ensure the directed URL is optimized for mobile viewing to enhance formatting and functionality. And lastly, while QR codes have become an excellent touchless accessibility tool- they should not be your only tool, so don't forget to create quality, integrated print media as well. 

Tips for Sponsors 

Your company gains additional marketing opportunities and exposure in exchange for a trade show or conference sponsorship. If you're going to spend part of your marketing budget on sponsorship, it makes sense to think of ways to maximize the exposure and create additional opportunities for consumer engagement.   

WiFi Access 

Without WiFi, our smartphones are really just fancy cameras. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to make the attendees' first essential task of connecting to WiFi seamless through the use of a QR code directing them to quick internet access and often a splash or landing page promoting your company. First impressions matter, and this one is free for the taking! 

Interactive Floor Plan or Map 

Your company will have banners, signage, and swag galore as a sponsor. This is an excellent opportunity to help attendees efficiently navigate the exhibition hall with the event’s interactive floor plan that, as you may have guessed-draws special attention to the location of your sponsorship areas, and the most efficient pathway. Because you want attendees to be happily engaged, you might also consider highlighting restrooms and snack stations. Genius, right? 

Gamify the Event Experience 

Increase overall engagement by calling upon your attendees' inner competitors with the creation of games or contests. Your creativity only limits the opportunities here, but here are a few ideas to get you started.  

Invite attendees to check-in via QR code at as many of your company locations as possible, post selfies with other attendees on your social media who are carrying matching company swag and offer the chance to win a prize by completing a satisfaction survey which, of course, is accessible by scanning a QR code.  

Tips for Exhibitors 

Getting attendees to your booth is nice, but engaging customers and cultivating relationships, leads, and sales is even better. QR codes can help you create a positive and interactive experience that will make your product or service especially attractive- because remember, first impressions are important! 

Paperless Press Kit and Product Pages 

Trade shows can be a lot of fun- connecting with colleagues, networking, and filling that swag bag with all kinds of swaggy-type trinkets and flyers. But let's be honest, most of that stuff ends up in the trash or in a "to do" pile somewhere.  

QR codes are a great way to make your product information available digitally in the moment and for review at a later time. Don't forego print media altogether but instead focus on making it complementary and integrated with your digital media. 

Sign Up for Communications 

Want to take paperless material one step further? Use a QR code to have attendees sign up for future communications like newsletters, promotional materials, and invitations for future engagements. Because event participants will presumably have visited many booths, creating the opportunity for ongoing communications can keep your product or service relevant and accessible. 

Demo on Demand 

As an exhibitor, you spent time and energy developing the perfect pitch- it's engaging, informative, and entertaining- attendees are eating it up! The ones that get there at the right time anyway- those who pop by a mid-pitch will have missed your opening act and will perhaps decide to move along.  

Consider offering an on-demand demo accessible with a quick QR scan of your perfect pitch in its entirety that can be viewed on the spot and again later on!  

Do you know what else you can do with an on-demand demo? Share it with others!  

Schedule a Sales Meeting 

Trade shows and conferences are all about connecting with new and existing customers to generate sales. Efficiently direct clients to your calendar to schedule follow-up meetings with the almighty QR code- who knows, this could be the meeting that closes the deal! 

Digital Business Cards 

Don't let visitors leave your booth without exchanging contact information. You can certainly hand out traditional business cards, but this is another opportunity to go paperless and ensure your information gets into the potential client's list of contacts and vice versa. Check out Personify's  guide to digital business cards to learn more about creating yours. 

Additionally, if you're looking for a no-nonsense business card that minimizes waste and neatly collates your connections in one location, Tappy Card is the way to go. With LinkedIn and marketing focusing heavily on social media, the dynamic Tappy Card will be able to quickly adapt to stay up to date. 

Generating QR Codes 

All this talk about the versatility of QR codes, but how do you create one? A quick internet search brings about a lot of results but let's be real, a trade show or conference is a big undertaking and not the time for experimentation.  

Monica Adarsh at tested and ranked the Best QR Code generators for 2022 based on functionality and performance. It's certainly worthy of review as her results are informative and supported with user details but here, we list her top three: 

  1. Beaconstac 
  1. QR Code Monkey 


Whether you're a sponsor or an exhibitor, the QR code is a versatile tool you can use in the events industry to create touchless interactive experiences with new or existing customers. Your creativity and willingness to think outside the box provide limitless opportunities to maximize the QR code.