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Six Innovative Ways to Create More Networking Opportunities at Your Next Event 

Daria Knupp Avatar Daria Knupp March 20, 2023
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Networking is crucial for any event, and recent research has indicated that a whopping 76% of people find it to be the key factor when considering whether or not they should attend. Whether you are organizing a small gathering or a large-scale tradeshow, creating chances for meaningful conversations and connections is a must. Crafting a compelling atmosphere that promotes networking can feel challenging, but with the right strategy, you can make sure your event is engaging and successful. Here are some innovative ways to create networking opportunities at your next event.  

Utilize Icebreaker Exercises 

Icebreaker exercises are a great way to break the ice and get everyone to network at events. By taking a few minutes to plan an effective icebreaker, you can open up conversations and create an atmosphere of collaboration and community building. Icebreakers can be as simple or complex as you like: from playing fun games that help participants further understand each other to ask individuals about their backgrounds or interests. Whatever idea you choose, ensure it’s relevant and engaging for all attendees. Most events don’t start networking activities to well into the first day. Events who offer  the right icebreaker exercise early on will have attendees get more out of your event. Additionally, use these exercises throughout the event as opportunities for guests to share updates on their progress or comment on their discussions. Doing so will help keep energy levels high and ensure everyone is connected.  

Leverage Event Technology to Enhance the Experiences 

Using technology at events is a great way to enhance the networking experience. For example, matchmaking software can offer exhibitors and attendees high-quality matches based on their interactions and selected interests. Ensure exhibitors can connect with attendees who view their profile or interact with their products. Additionally, utilizing matchmaking software can be beneficial because it allows attendees to network based on various criteria such as industry, interests, or skillset. Matchmaking software will allow everyone to be prepared and ready for conversations that spark a common interest!  

Give Back by Incorporating Charities 

Making a difference has never been easier than with charity-oriented activities. From online auctions to donation drives, these events will draw attention from potential partners while benefiting those in need. To make the most of your event, send out invitations ahead of time that includes information on which organizations will help from donations made at the occurrence, set up booths for voluntary contribution and run raffles with exciting prizes – all these methods serve as excellent means of fostering valuable connections between attendees while also performing good deeds!  

Celebrate Diversity Through Creative Programming 

Strengthen the bond of your attendees by establishing activities that promote inclusion, such as panel discussions or roundtable conversations. These will allow guests to share their perceptions and backgrounds related to the event's theme, thereby fostering meaningful connections among participants who already have a strong emotional investment in these topics presented by keynote speakers. Through this robust engagement, each person can learn from one another and be inspired by stories based on personal experience.   

Make Time for Relaxation and Socializing 

When it comes to furthering networking opportunities at your next event, making room for social interaction is critical. Consider taking breaks throughout the day so everyone can catch up with familiar and unfamiliar faces - you could even opt for a lounge area specifically dedicated to mingling! This way, attendees have plenty of time and space to bond while feeling less pressured by too much agenda-related content. Always remember, if you plan on serving alcohol during social occasions, having non-alcoholic drinks available is always important.  

Don’t Forget About Networking After the Event! 

Event organizers should extend beyond simply fostering networking opportunities during their events. Follow-up is key; reach out to all of the event's attendees, exhibitors, and partners with a thank you message in either email or by phone call after its conclusion. Share how they can connect with others in online communities or social media platforms to extend their networking. This will uphold relationships between involved parties and may even result in something extraordinary emerging together! We must seize this post-event window of opportunity to strengthen these bonds and collaborate further down the line. 

With these seven innovative strategies, you can create networking opportunities that will help your next event be a memorable success. From planning ahead to incorporating technology and providing interactive activities, these tips will ensure everyone has an enjoyable and productive experience. Don't forget to use the power of networking – it can bring great rewards!