sleeping on bed

After a hard day, what everyone craves for is to get back home as fast as possible and have some sound sleep. But have you ever wondered how your sleeping position affects your health? Most of us would not even believe that our sleeping position is important. Whether you like to sleep on your back, stomach or the side, as long you get some sleep, you feel happy. However, the reality is different. But then, people prefer sleeping positions in which they are most comfortable. So let us discuss the best sleeping position and how to attain it.

The freefall

Freefall is simply lying on your stomach with hands up, around the pillow. The head is turned on one side. This posture is good for digestion. Sleeping on your stomach reduces snoring and diminishes sleep apnea.

Negative effects

It affects your spineman hugging pillow

But this body posture can be more harmful in a number of ways. It is taxing for your back and neck, to begin with, leading to poor sleep and uneasiness throughout the next day. This happens because most of your weight is in the middle of your body. Thus, maintaining a neutral spine position becomes difficult, leading to strain on your back and spine. Most people suffer from back problems due to the way they sleep.

Neck problem

Many consider sleeping on your tummy as the worst sleeping position not only for the reasons mentioned above. Apart from the spine, it can affect your neck as well. To breathe, you have to turn your head on one side, which strains your neck. As your neck remains twisted in this position, it puts your head and spine out of alignment. This can cause major damage in the long run.

Bad for pregnant women

This way of sleeping is not at all suited for pregnant women as she carries an extra weight during pregnancy. A Freefall is unthinkable during late stage, but even during the early stages of pregnancy, it is advised not to sleep in such a posture. Back pain is bad for the baby because it requires more room to develop normally. The best possible position for the mother is to sleep on her left side, as this enables a healthy blood flow, providing more oxygen for both the mother and her baby.

The best sleeping position

woman sleepingThe easiest transition from stomach sleeping is to start sleeping on your side. This will reduce the load on the back and spine and give less pain to your neck. But the most recommended sleeping position remains back sleeping as it is a boon for your back and spine. It also leaves the neck in a neutral position. So the next time you lie down, try sleeping on your back for a good night’s sleep.